Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Peru Day 12: More Molino (this time to buy), more food, more massage 

My energy was vastly different today. I had shaken whatever was hanging over me yesterday and redirected my focus and purpose towards my intention for being here (which, frustratingly, keeps changing). I already know I'm a different person than when I arrived less than two weeks ago, but my foundation -- whatever it is I've been building on my entire life -- is still solid.

The kids sensed a change, too. They couldn't get enough of me. I had someone on my lap practically every minute I was at the clinic. When I was saying my goodbyes for the day, 3 girls separately put their arms around my neck and hugged me so hard they wouldn't let go. I didn't want to let go either.

Lunch was another fabulous meal. We started with a barley soup (that had pumpkin, spinach and potato in it), a side of choco con queso (corn with cheese) and a main dish of potato, green bean and egg scramble -- it tasted like Sunday breakfast. Oh, and purple corn juice. mmmmm.

Just to give you an idea of the size of this corn --- i'm not kidding you --- the kernels are actually the size of my finger. You take a kernel, pop it in your mouth (or you can peel it first like Laura but I don't have the patience for that) and then take a little bite of cheese. Who'd have thought this combination could be so good?

There's also a street version of this where the corn is on the cob. It looks like a slightly messy endeavour if you're inexperienced, but I may have to try it. There's also a version where the corn is roasted and is almost like inside-out popcorn -- throw a few kernels into your mouth with a bit of cheese and well, you know, heaven.

I went back to Molino with Jorgan today -- this time to buy. I bought about 6-7 CDs (many if them 2 discs) for about $6 total. I also found individually sized tubes of Manjar for about $1.75/bag (of about 20). I bought 2 bags. And I'm not sharing.

Jorgan's stomach was hurting, so I put some peppermint oil in his water bottle to help his digestive system work through the crap he ate the night before (anticucho -- the meat and potato on a stick, popcorn, and ceviche). And while it helped, I probably countered the effects of the oil by eating a bowl of chincharron right in front of him. But it was sooooo worth it.

Chincharron is another typical Peruvian dish sold at snack stalls (and maybe restaurants?). It's a smallish plate with onion and mint in one corner, corn (the big kernels) in another, a few pieces of fried pork belly (a delicacy in the U.S.) in another and topped with a couple of pieces of potato. You can smother it in a spicy sauce (mine wasn't that spicy) and dig in. I still couldn't eat the entire plate of food and Jorgan seriously lamented this since his stomach wouldn't allow him to finish it off.

After Molino, we taxied back to the main square. Jorgan's stomach pain was causing
him to limp a little and I didn't want a long walk to exacerbate his discomfort. We found a bench where I made him lay down and much to the curiosity of the soccer-playing kids and tourists, I did some massage work on his colon for about 1/2 hour (for all you Level 2 students out there at PMTI, you'll be learning this incredibly valuable technique this semester). Without going into detail, let's just say it worked. Massage can do just about anything -- that's all I'm saying. 

I tried watching Lost again but it was a repeat of the season opener. Again. WTF? Grrrrr....

Fortunately there was an episode of Nurse Jackie that I hadn't seen yet so I settled in for some good TV (at least a 1/2 hour's worth) and fell into bed.      

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  1. Chicharron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is all I have to say.